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The malevolent deconstructionist metaphysics of the Progressive Left

I spent some time the other night reading the introduction to Plato’s Republic (free on – you have no excuse) followed by a bit of Church history. It resulted in a moment of clarity around something that has bothered me for years. To set up the problem, I posit that the great divide in […]

Two pinnacle questions – Husserl and Edith Stein

There are two pinnacle questions that drove me to study both Edmund Husserl, the father of modern day phenomenology, and his student Edith Stein. It is analogous to walking around a piece of art in amazement, trying to understand what is its essence, or perhaps listening in awe to a pianist elevate and unveil an […]

Music and My Life Philosophy

Wanting to love music but not knowing how has been a lifelong struggle. Loving classical music seems daunting if one is not skilled or knowledgable about the subject. Yet, I do love it. My regret always was that I felt I could go no further than my superficial emotions and sensory perceptions. I liked a […]