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Cézanne’s influence on French Phenomenologists

Another telling sign of Cézanne’s influence on later French phenoms is the following. Phenoms make it their life project to unite permanence (objectivity) with experience (subjectivity). Cézanne was stretching for the same. “…and his contention that he was recreating Poussin ‘after nature’ underscored his desire to unite observation of nature with the permanence of classical […]

Pissarro’s influence on Cézanne

Camille Pissarro is another I’ll be exploring. He was Cézanne’s most powerful influence, like a father to him. Cézanne moved beyond impressionism to whatever you call his “not mere appearance, but the appearance of something given in appearance.” But I will explore Pissarro as the influence on the influence of Merleau-Ponty.

Paul Cézanne’s influence on phenomenology

The following caught my eye. I’ve been reading about Paul Cézanne’s influence on the later French phenomenology movement. Merleau-Ponty often refers to him. I posted a paper below about Cézanne’s influence on the French phenoms. The following did it for me. If you were to substitute “words” for “paint” and “phrases and metaphors” for “simple […]