Paul Cézanne’s influence on phenomenology

The following caught my eye. I’ve been reading about Paul Cézanne’s influence on the later French phenomenology movement. Merleau-Ponty often refers to him. I posted a paper below about Cézanne’s influence on the French phenoms. The following did it for me. If you were to substitute “words” for “paint” and “phrases and metaphors” for “simple forms and colour planes,” you would have a statement of Merleau-Ponty’s French phenomenology.”

Throughout his life he struggled to develop an authentic observation of the seen world by the most accurate method of representing it in paint that he could find. To this end, he structurally ordered whatever he perceived into simple forms and colour planes. His statement ‘I want to make of impressionism something solid and lasting like the art in the museums…'”

Cézanne on Wikipedia

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