Edith Stein’s systems give meaning and purpose to daily living

The attraction of Edith Stein’s philosophy is that it seeks unity and wholeness. We naturally gravitate toward the warm sunlight of the soul that shines across the horizon of our mind through that unity. Her search for truth is systematic, logical, and thorough. She has an inherent understanding of the divine order and searches the intellectual pathways that connect to that order. Truth seems to be, through her philosophical lens, the synchronicity of the heart that knows with the mind that seeks to understand that which the heart knows.

Stein reconciles modern philosophy with medieval, Aristotelian scholasticism, which is her towering achievement. She uniquely among modern philosophers quickens hope in our soul by her particular method. Most importantly, she seeks truth with an end-game in mind. One does not day-dream, lost in spontaneous sophistic musings with Edith Stein. One senses movement toward a goal, a seriousness, an end, the form of which we see on the horizon but cannot fully comprehend.

Her systems, the excitement of a journey, the understanding that there is a reward, gives meaning and purpose to our ordinary daily living.

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