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“A love of philosophy with a wild imagination.”

Greetings! My blog is where I post musings over my favorite subject – philosophy. My main interests are the works of Edith Stein, phenomenology, and existentialism. Often using perceptions from art or music, I try to form mental models through these genres that open new doors of meaning. I am not qualified to write academically. My writings reflect more the influence of philosophy on my thoughts than on its formal teaching. It is more about the phenomenology of philosophy in my life. I find it fascinating and hope that something here might inspire you in some fashion.

Phil Magdalena


My mission

I want to provide inspiration to others that might help them rise above the mundane everydayness of life by sharing my own inspirations received from the great philosophers.

“There is something over there… what is it?”

Edith Stein

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Marie-Pierre Arthur’s song and my existential interpretation

I have been working on understanding what’s going on in this song for about six months now. I have not been able to set aside the question. I rightly defined the phenomenological, at least I think I did. But there was something I could not get my head around. It would not (and will not) […]

Edith Stein’s Philosophy of Psychology

This book is far more interesting than I thought it would be. I’ve read her three most important works and am working on the fourth. I set this one aside because I’m not really interested in psychology itself; I’m interested in Stein’s phenomenology. But this is going to be a real page turner. I do […]

Getting back to Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being

I am now back to an attempt at finishing Edith Stein’s opus, Finite and Eternal Being. In order to understand her sufficiently, I found it necessary to explore broadly the field of phenomenology: Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Marion…etc. This is Edith’s formation. However, we also must understand Scholasticism, as her work marries the two. It’s mesmerizing. […]



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